Lanvin Perfume and Cologne for Men and Women


French designer Jeanne Marie Lanvin founded the Lanvin fashion house. She practiced in Paris towards her profession in fashion as a dressmaker and milliner. Lanvin stepped into the world of fashion with the magnificent wardrobe she designed for her daughter, Marguerite. The gorgeous clothing attracted attention and many people inquired about where they can be purchase them.  In 1909, Lanvin connected with the Syndicat de la Couture and shortly after went from children’s attire to dressing their mothers.


Lanvin was very successful and popular for her fashions of complementing mother and daughter clothing pairs. The Lanvin company increased its offerings to home decor, lingerie, fur, menswear and a dye factory. Another very significant achievement of Lanvin was when Lanvin Parfums SA was launched in 1924. In the same year of 1924, the first perfume, My Sin, was introduced. The best-selling perfume of Lanvin was Arpege, named for the arpeggios of her daughters piano practice and introduce in 1927. The classic Arpege perfume has continued and is still in production today.


In 1946, Jeanne Lanvin died and her daughter Marguerite took over the business. The company stayed within family ownership until 1989. Currently the Lanvin fashion house is under the ownership of Harmonie S.S. and under the creative direction of Alber Elbaz. The perfume line of Lanvin introduced new perfumes very infrequently from the year 1960 until 1990 when the perfume license was bought by L’Oreal. Today, the license of Lanvin perfumes belongs to Inter Parfums